Let’s make this happen !

There is nothing more important in this program than you.
International best practice has shown that grass roots engagement at a local level is the best way to get EV adoption to happen faster – you have to sort out education, infrastructure and incentives in one place at one time.

A program to drive faster adoption

Your participation

All participants will help us understand the potential demand for Electric Vehicles and be eligible for rewards.  12 of the participants will engage in a deeper study and another 50 participants will help us with a shorter process using a custom research platform. These participants will receive further reward for their help.

High tech analytics

We will be installing home energy equipment in up to 80 homes so we can help you to understand how owning an EV will affect your life – with or without solar. We will be providing all participants with a geolocation application that will track where you drive and emulate what life will be like with an EV.

Affecting structural change

This data will be used to help South Australian Government and SA Power Networks to plan infrastructure for the state. The results of this program will feed into policy recommendations at a State and Federal level.

Putting SA on the EV map

By identifying the pool of people who could buy an EV in South Australia we can then also send a message to global vehicle manufacturers – we are ready and waiting for new models in South Australia.

Learn why Electric Vehicles are not just good for the environment!